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The theory test is £31.00

You must complete CBT & Theory (in any order) before taking part in A1 / A2 / DAS.
You don't need to take the theory test in order to take part in a CBT course.

The theory test certificate is valid for two years so if you plan to go on and take your practical motorcycle test we recommend that you take your theory test as soon as you can.

Studying for the theory is easy if you buy a new copy of the Highway Code or visit www.highwaycode.gov.uk and a book published by the DSA titled ‘The Official Theory Test for Motorcyclist's’.  Both are available from good bookshops or by contacting the DSA via their website. 

You can also buy DVD's and CD ROM's and even practice the test on-line!

Booking your theory test is easy using the DSA’s online booking form. Just log onto www.dsa.gov.uk or click on the dsa icon. You can also book by telephone just call 0870 01 01 372 and follow the menu options.We can arrange your Theory test for you if you prefer.

The nearest theory test centres to us are in Palmers Green North London and Borough High Street, just south of London Bridge.  There are others and availability will always be better if you are prepared to travel a little bit further.

The DSA website provides detailed information on the theory test. There are practice theory tests on-line and you can buy a range of DSA publications to help you revise.


Theory test booking line...0300 200 1122

Practical Test

The new practical test started on the 27th of April 2009. The first part (Module 1) will be carried out at your nearest off-road test centre. This may be the town where you've been learning but, if your town doesn't have a test centre (and many don't) then you may have to travel with your instructor to another town. The second part (Module 2) will be carried out on the roads probably in and around the town where the test centre is based.

At the test centre you will carry out slow and high (but not on mopeds) speed exersises which are now considered to be too dangerous to carry out on public roads.

Those candidates who have demonstrated riding skills of a dangerously incompetent level during Module 1 will not be permitted to take Module 2.

Those candidates who have passed Module 1 will receive a Test Pass Certificate which they must bring with them when they take Module 2.

Module 1 will take, on average, 22 minutes.

Module 2 of the test will be about 35-40 minutes in length and will consist of the eyesight test, road safety questions and at least 30 minutes of road riding. consisting of a road ride covering a variety of road and traffic conditions and will also include normal stops, hill and angle starts.